Changing PS CS4 Styles 2

Using Photoshop CS4 Styles Interchangeably

Imagine if your Photoshop Styles tab filled with a variety of styles; you will find it hard to work with the styles you want. To apply only the styles you want, follow this step (I am using Photoshop CS4, hope it will fit your program too). First of all, turn off the Photoshop program you […]

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Digital Cliparts

Clipart Clubs with Membership

                1. Digiscrap Kits Club $5.99 each month – very easy term of use, my favorite. Trina Clark is very generous, you can use her cliparts for personal and commercial use, and you can even make freebie creations that you can share in finish products or digitally. 2. […]

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Drying Flowers Using Airtight Container

Digital Crafts

Drying flowers can also be done by using non heated silica gel. To do it, you have to you have to use an airtight container box to keep the silica gel and the lower. An airtight container has very tight lid that will not enable air to enter the container. It is very important to […]

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Printable Harvest Greeting Coasters

Harvest Greeting Square Coaster

Hello, here’s the next printables from the Harvest Greeting printable series that I have promised you earlier. Download and print these Harvest Greeting Drink Coasters! There are two types of coasters; round and square. You can use them to serve drinks to your guests on autumn themed party. Entertain the guests with craft works that […]

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